The West Tennessee Museum of Southern Hoodoo History is a traveling exhibition of ethnographic and historical artifacts preserving and presenting the cultural history of hoodoo and folk practices in the Memphis and Mississippi Delta region. The collection chronicles the arrival of Africans to the Mid-South and the survival of African religious and folk cultures through slavery and segregation.

The museum is dedicated to telling the story of hoodoo as a survival of African traditional cultures. The sharing of this story is to preserve, share and make sure these traditional ways are known to a new generation. The ‘lost’ history of the culture and heritage of hoodoo in the Mid-South is a story that must be told.


 Our goal is to collect oral histories, photographs, folklore, memorabilia, and to preserve artifacts related to the history and story of the hoodoo culture in Memphis and throughout the Mississippi Delta.

 Our focus is to dispel myths related to African diaspora culture and to bring attention to the important role that hoodoo culture and spiritual healers played in the lives of practitioners in the Southern United States.

Exhibits include:

•Photographs and sketches of historically significant figures and locations in hoodoo history
•Artifacts including artwork and amulets from Africa and African religious traditions demonstrating the lineage of African religious culture
•Artifacts including amulets, oils, powders, candles and tools used in the practice of hoodoo
•Historical artifacts from Mid-South hoodoo curio manufacturers including Lucky Heart Cosmetics, Collins Laboratories and Keystone Laboratories
•A collection of herbs, plants and roots popular in Southern hoodoo history among rootworkers, conjurers and spiritual healers

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