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Memphis Hoodoo



A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo: Rootworkers, Conjurers and Spirituals’ reveals the stories and legends of conjurers and healers from the arrival of African slaves on Memphis plantations to blues musicians on Beale Street. You will never see Memphis the same after reading this book!

Preston Lauterbach, Author of the bestselling Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song, and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis

​"Painstakingly researched, and beautifully presented, Tony Kail has presented us with a rare treasure in A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo: The true story of a culture whose magical system not only survived the horrific bonds of slavery, but despite all odds, managed to blossom and thrive again. Whether you're a magical practitioner, a history buff, or simply like a good read, this book will blow you away. I couldn't put it down - and you won't be able to, either!"

- Dorothy Morrison -
Author of Everyday Magic and Utterly Wicked